Just How Hard is Hardwood Flooring?

The actual hardness of hardwood flooring is a very important feature to consider. The durability of a hardwood floor primarily determined by it’s degree of hardness. Now, while all hardwood flooring is “hard,” the fact is that there are degrees … Continue reading

Continuing Education Is Key to Doing Great Work

Like any field of endeavor, there are constant improvements in the fields of flooring and home remodeling. New technology, materials and techniques are continuously being introduced. Many of these novel processes and products promise new efficiencies and solutions to persistent … Continue reading

New Condo Floors? Some Things to Consider

Condo living is as popular as ever in the Sunshine State, and luxury developments are crowding coastlines from Miami to Jacksonville and Palm Beach to Pinellas. With the depressed real estate prices of the past few years, many homeowners—particularly “empty … Continue reading